2,016 Miles in 2016.

Run The Year

Run/Walk 2,016 miles in 2016
Sound impossible? Don’t worry. Anyone can do it.
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Run The Year

Imagine yourself doing something BIG in 2016. Imagine yourself doing something that will get you into the best shape of your life. Imagine making a New Years Resolution that lasts all year long. Imagine taking a friend with you on a journey to health, happiness, and achievement. This might sound impossible, but believe us when we say: “ANYBODY CAN DO IT!”

Welcome to Run The Year 2016 – 2,016 in 2016 Challenge presented by Run The Edge. We’re challenging you to run, walk, or crawl 2,016 miles in 2016. We want you to use your feet to get you to the finish line. Run The Year with us and an amazing community of like-minded people who will encourage you, celebrate your accomplishments, and (most importantly) keep you running and walking as you cover 2,016 miles in a single year.

Our goal is to make the Run The Year Challenge as motivating and fun as possible. Run The Edge promises to pour our hearts and souls into making this challenge an exciting year long journey. We’re in it to help you make a goal and stick with it. Are you ready to join us?

How Will You Run The Year?
Make a goal. Make a difference. Make fit happen.
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What’s Included

Online Expo

For the 2,016 in 2016 Challenge we are introducing the world’s first Online Race Expo. Accomplish your running and training goals with the inspiration from year long access to the expo.

Mileage Tracker

Run The Year registration gives you free access to a custom mileage tracker so you can log miles throughout the year. Track miles for yourself and for your team as you complete 2,016 miles!

Inspiration, Motivation & Education All Year Long

2,016 in 2016 registration gives you complete, year long access to the Aid Station, Training Room, Nutrition Bar, and Listening Lounge. These curated areas will give you the tools necessary to achieve your 2016 goals.

Training Plans

Are you a walker that wants to complete your first 5k? Are you a marathoner looking to improve your PR? Registration includes over $180 worth of free Run The Edge running training plans.

Prize & Giveaways

We’ve partnered with a number of companies, coaches, and experts in the running world. Registration gives you FREE entry to 365 days of giveaways from your favorite brands.

Let’s do it again

We were blown away by the success of our 2,015 in 2015 Challenge. Because of our dedicated, amazingly supportive and creative 2015ers we wanted to step up our Run The Year game. Not totally convinced? Check out what some of our 2,015 in 2015 participants had to say about the challenge:


I was just getting into running 9 months ago, and this group has been a source of knowledge, motivation, and support! I have increased my personal records, done my first triathlon, and gained so much confidence!

Peggy Bakken

This group has been inspirational! Reading others journeys; their successes, their setbacks and how they fought through them. I am glad I took part in this! Looking at my stats, I will surpass 2,015 miles this weekend when I run the Newburyport Half Marathon! Be safe all!

Phil Sheridan

My friend from VA invited me to participate with her in this challenge. We were exercise pals for 4 years but I moved to SC. She and I missed each others company and this challenge is the perfect way to keep the connection!

Lucy Vicioso-Harris

I was inspired to get in shape and be true to me. If you had told me I would find all these wonderful people who inspire, encourage, and support me when I joined I would have said you were crazy! But I cannot imagine doing this without all of you!

Carol Chandler-Eicherl

This has been a wonderful journey together with my wife aiming for 2016 and me for the double. A lot of wonderful workouts, runs, travels and competitions throughout the year!

Svein-Erik Bakke
W. Ryan Hatch

Aside from that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I need to put in more miles, I have loved the celebration of milestones shared here. Doesn’t matter what level, distance or speed. People are genuinely happy for each other hitting a new goal or a new pr or whatever. Very supportive. I love it.

W. Ryan Hatch

When I found this challenge, I had a couple months left until my first 100 miler. I thought the 2,015 in 2015 Challenge was such a fun idea to keep me going after something that would take so much out of me. It has also been a way for me to connect with my friend and challenge partner and keep each other moving for a whole year. This far in, and I still love seeing everyone’s pictures and progress!

Arielle Ribel

This challenge has motivated me beyond words. I was in a huge rut in life, in my career, and in my marriage. Since starting this challenge my attitude has changed so much for the better that everyone around me sees a difference. My husband, although not in the challenge, has been motivated so much that now he was with me almost every night. I feel like I can do anything!! I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, actually RAN my first 5k, and am trying new things that I would have never tried before. New food, new activities, and a new love for myself!

Allison Olson
Gregory Bontempo

Reading all the great stories has inspired me to keep running, even when I’m tired and don’t feel like it. Thanks to everyone for the needed push!

Gregory Bontempo
Kevin Vaillancourt

I am doing this challenge with two friends from grad school. I would have been running without joining the team and this group but I would not have been running as many miles or as fast. Because of my team and this challenge I set a new pr for 13.1 by 8 minutes and ran my first 50k. I was honored to be asked to join the team I am on and I enjoy seeing what everyone in this group posts!

Kevin Vaillancourt
Rachel Crean

I had just started tracking mileage over the summer and doing the 100 mile a month challenge. I was surpassing the 100 mile mark every month so I saw this as a huge challenge to up my game. Going solo was a little bit scary for me, but I hit 2,015 miles in August and have steadily increased my miles. I never thought I could run a half marathon but I’m about to do my third. I thought I loved running before but if it’s possible I’m so much more in love with running after this challenge. I feel so empowered and happy!

Rachel Crean

I had just arrived back in my hometown state in the freezing winter, looking for a way to feel as connected as I was where I just came from. So I joined with 2 people from Team RWB that I had only met once and lived in different states, and we have been encouraging each other ever since. And the sheer volume of information and experience from all the people involved in this together has strengthened me.

Patrick Murray

I don’t think I’ve ever ran more than 800 miles in a year. Because of this challenge, I have run or walked every day and completed 2,015 miles by the middle of October. I also encouraged my running group to participate in the challenge and the group has encouraged and tracked participation.

Bruce Smith
Bill Manning

I was inspired to do this by my friend Solomon Whitfield, who personally ran 2,014 miles in 2014 all by himself without this great support system or partners. I knew that being accountable to my partner and the goal would help me get the miles in all year long. It has been a lot of good fun and support 99% of the time! I’ve “met” a lot of great people and runners through this challenge. Thanks! Can’t wait for 2,016 in 2016!

Bill Manning

In January, I was with my family and I saw a post about this challenge. This would be the year I turned 50. I mentioned it out loud then said “maybe not this year”. Then in all his 18-year-old wisdom, my son said: “It’s not going to get any easier next year!” True. So, here I am 1,700 or so miles later having learned the lesson of consistency. 5 or so miles is fine, but miss a day and the next day is 10. It’s not been about the heroic 20 milers, it’s been about getting out there day after day, excuses be damned! Thank you for 2,015 in 2015.

Jen Smith
Bobbie Pendland

I was almost 50lbs heavier when I started this challenge with my bestie, Pam Berry. We have kept each other motivated and encouraged, and together we have over 1700 miles. She was the first to join, and I asked to tag along, and I have gained endurance, stamina, confidence, and although I’m not running yet, I am doing quite a lot of “wogging”! Not bad for someone who was over 300lbs at the start!

Bobbie Pendland-Zeimkowski
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