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If you are reading this confirmation message, you are all set – you are registered for the event. The challenge officially starts on January 1st, but log in TODAY for an exclusive sneak peek of what’s to come. Head over to the Online Expo now from a desktop computer – log in and bookmark!

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The Run The Year 2016 Online Expo will officially open on January 1st. Enjoy the exclusive sneak peek! Once the clock strikes midnight on New Years Day, start tracking those miles!

Run The Edge appreciates your commitment to this year-long journey!

Facebook Group

Join the official Facebook Group here: Run The Year 2016 Facebook

Important Note About Tracking Miles

This challenge comes with its own super fun Mileage Tracker! To access the tracker follow these steps: 1. Log in to the Online Expo on a computer. 2. Click the “Update Miles” button in the bottom left corner. 3. Create a password. (This password is different than the password for the Expo) 4. ALL SET! You can now access your tracker with this login from any device.

Important Note About Creating Teams

Teams are created in the Mileage Tracker. To create a team follow these steps. 1. Register. Each team member needs to register for the challenge. 2.Set up. Each team member needs to set up their tracker on a computer following the steps above. 3. Enter Addresses Once this is done click the “Team” button on the tracker and enter your teammates email addresses (each team members should do this on their tracker. 4. Team NameCreate a fun team name and you are ready to go!